Ozone in food processing

Infection control & longer shelf-life

Working Procedures

Team Waterhouse has been a genuine PIONEER for this particular application of Ozone Generators in Food Processing throughout major food companies around the world.

Ozone (O3) is created from ambient air and is an allotrope of oxygen only. Therefore it is the most environment friendly. Also being the strongest natural disinfectant gifted by Mother Nature, Ozone is 3157 times stronger as a disinfectant than chlorine and 174 times stronger than formaldehyde. Most importantly, since it leaves ZERO Toxic Residue, Ozone is recommended by USDA & US FDA for production of Infection-free food products.

With the advancement of technology, Bioxy Plasma is now implemented by the top food brands, due to added benefits and safest standards. Unlike non-effective & harmful chemical reagents, Enclose250 Bioxy Plasma Generators are continuously used inside food processing factories while workers are producing lip-smacking food products!

Food processing areas are simply to be protected with the help of ENCLOSE 250 (Blower type, Bioxy Plasma Generators), which are sensor-system enebaled, auto-regulating its production as per ambient parameters, to sterilize upto 2250 CFT (225 Sq.ft) of space per set. For larger spaces, multiple number is suggested for even distribution of the sterilizing / deodorizing gas.

Bioxy Plasma (Oxygen Plasma, Allotropic Oxygen Clusters - AOC & Electrons – for highest Infection-killing efficacy) based air sterilizer ENCLOSE250 / Bio-Oxy250 is used to provide the following distinct services essential for Food Industry:

  • Aerial sterilization - Killing of aerial & surface infections, along with prevention of cross-contamination - in your packaging areas, food storages, etc. ENCLOSE 250 is almost a mandatory equipment used at the food packaging, processing areas for restricting infectious deposit on food products (fungal, viral, bacterial, protozoa, mould, etc), WITHOUT ADDING ANY TOXIC BY PRODUCT. In this operation it also controls cross infection by killing the surface germs. (Please view our Test Reports on the level of destruction of aerial infection)
  • Increase Shelf-life of Food in storages. FDA of USA clearly states that in a food store, including non veg storages, the storage life of food increases "SUBSTANTIALLY".  Read here : Ozone in food storage and vegetable washing.
  • Absolute deodorization - Completely Odour-free spaces. The Indian Army, Food processing companies, food storages, butcheries (even Mortuaries of Government Hospitals) are our patrons because of the essential advantage of removing bad smell in their processing / storage / packaging / working areas, hanging rooms and distribution centres. There are many Indian Army supply depots where ENCLOSE 250 machines are installed at the live birds cages as well, for Deodorization.
  • Increasing active aerial oxygen in percentage – Bioxy Plasma provides a special benefit of oxygen enrichment in indoor spaces. It increases the percentage of aerial Oxygen, which enables an Oxygen-enriched breathing, thus providing a further added benefit of increased productivity of workers and their overall well-being, since it keeps the brain active by providing more oxygen to their brain & body cells.