OZONE in Cooling Towers

Negligible Chemical usage & Legionella destruction

OZONE in cooling Towers

Ozone (O3) is just activated Oxygen, with three atoms in its molecule. The third Oxygen atom is extremely reactive, fatally oxidizing harmful pathogens and organic compounds to kill their existence in water or air. After sterilization, it turns back into pure Oxygen molecule (O2), since the third atom gets out to kill the evil compounds. Hence, toxic residue is totally zero. In Cooling Towers, Ozone offers a tremendous range of economical, performancial & environmental benefits, which improve daily efficiency as well as reduce operation costs, thereby enhancing profit margins for the cooling tower operators.

There are multiple chemicals from
your cooling tower maintenance list, whose usage you can reduce by 90% ,and thereby save that huge amount of recurring expenditures, as soon as you begin using the most natural alternative that is Ozone. Ozone is the strongest disinfectant for killing Legionella Pneumophila, as it is 3157 times more germicidal than Chlorine.

In 2008, NASA (USA) commented how it saves operation hassle and costs by using Ozone in all their cooling towers (read in the links below). With time, today their savings have increased further, with further development of Ozone technology.


  • Kills Legionella faster & with 3157 times more efficacy
  • No Biofilm formation on water surface, thereby increased Heat Exchange capacity & reduced power
  • Maintains constant alkaline pH, therefore no requirement of pH adjusting chemicals
  • No increment in TDS, thereby reducing Blow-down & saving thousands of gallons of water
  • Forget Biocides
  • Gets rid of sulphur reducing bacteria
  • Increases "Dissolved Oxygen" (DO) in water, along with killing all kinds of pathogenic contamination, thereby
    making the water healthiest for operation of air conditioning systems
  • No corrosion on cooling tower walls, no requirement of corrosion inhibitors
  • Prevents MgSO4 deposit, no scale formation, no requirement of anti-scalants
  • With no blowdown, there is no requirement to spend daily on effluent treatment before discharge into

Cost Reduction

  • Chemical purchase and usage neglected majorly
  • Power savings
  • Ozone Generator is fully electronic. It is a one-time investment, no refilling / regular attendance required
  • Chemical storage & handling neglected majorly
  • Maintenance manpower neglected majorly
  • Water savings

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