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The Problem : Starting from the common story of all hospitals worldwide, specific hazardous chemical fumes are used to kill aerial infection in evacuated rooms only. Due to ill effects of these chemical reagents on human health, they are not applied in patient-occupied areas, thereby exposing patients to get cross-infected amongst themselves. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), up to 88.9% patients are affected due to Hospital-Acquired Infection in a country like India. Globally around 1.4 million people remain affected at any given point of time due to this phenomenon. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Hospital-Acquired Infection is the Biggest Unsolved Mystery that the entire healthcare industry of the world has been facing. The Centre for Disease Control & Prevention says that currently 2 million people in the United States are infected annually & 99,00 patients die every year in the USA due to this phenomenon.
This is way more than the deaths caused by Cancer, HIV/AIDS, etc.

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Millions get affected around the globe, hundreds of thousands die.

The Solution

Our international test reports have proven that we are the FIRST & ONLY research organisation in the world to successfully innovate an effective & safe solution for Hospital-Acquired Infection.

Preventing Aerial & Surface Cross-Infection

Our sophisticated Bioxy Plasma generators (producing Bioxy Plasma - the specially calculated combination of Oxygen Plasma, Allotropic Oxygen Clusters -AOC & Electrons) are the WORLD'S ONLY Technology to be internationally certified to safely enable Aerial Infection-Control in patient-occupied areas, by killing the pathogenic microorganisms in the air (be it bacteria, virus, fungus, protozoa, mould, etc) before it reaches the Hospital staff or nearby patients. The added beauty is that after aerial sterilization, the Bioxy Plasma settles down on surfaces to de-nature surface contamination as well - providing the most ideal all-round safety!
As we say, every problem has a scientific solution. Head on to ENCLOSE250 to know everything in detail. Thank us later.

Maintaining highest Indoor Air Quality parameters

(By using Bioxy Plasma generators) First of all, since these are used in Patient-Occupied areas, the requirement of chemical "fumigation" is completely nullified. The added benefits of Bioxy Plasma is multifold, as its the ONLY technology to deliver ALL following IAQ parameters SIMULATENOUSLY :
1. Infection-Control / Sterilization in Patient-Occupied / people-occupied spaces
2. Increases indoor aerial Oxygen (O2) percentage
3. Reduces CO2, SO2, NO2, NO, CO, HCHO, etc
4. Reduction of VOCs,
5. Saves power consumption in HVACs & VRF
6. Saves capital cost in new HVAC projects (reduction of HVAC tonnage & FTU)
7. Prevention of bio-mass formation & corrosion in HVAC ducts
8. Smoke-suppression
9. Helps in better sleep, reduces stress
10. Reduction of colloidal dust particles without any consumables or filters,
& all other benefits tested internationally, as portrayed in International Government reports and 3rd-party test reports.

Infection control in hospital linen

(By using WITHERPRO7) Since Ozone is a mighty strong disinfectant-cum-oxidant gifted by Mother Nature for water-based applications, ( 3157 times stronger than Chlorine ) it has been the most advanced & economical solution for absolute infection killing in clothes. Washing hospital linen with rich Ozonated water makes the linen get rid of any pathogenic contamination, infection, germs, stains, and any foul odour or from the clothes, by virtue of expressing oxidation & decomposition of the harmful organic molecules.
By virtue of this, little to no chemicals are required in disinfection, which are a few thousand times weaker than Ozone in efficacy too. Thereby, the volume of water required also decreases to a great extent. Overall, its saves recurring expenditures everyday by not buying those under-par reagents at all.

Also, it is important to note that the tensile strength and fabric quality of the linen is absolutely kept un-altered.