Save tons of money!

With Bioxy Plasma, you can circulate most of the internal air, because its Oxygen-enriched, CO2 reduced, fully infection-free & free of any toxicities or VOCS. REDUCE intake of HOT, POLLUTED outside air! Save unnecessary power to cool down that hot air.
ZERO Aerial Cross-Infection risk. Nullified Infection levels come under our GUARANTEE.
Higher indoor Oxygen percentage - for oxygen-enriched breathing. NO "stuffy" feeling, only Oxygenated breathing. Reduced percentages of CO 2 , CO, SO2 , NO2, VOCs, foul adours, etc

Get ready to be BLOWN AWAY.
Experience the FINEST Air Quality you have ever experienced.
SAVE MONEY in the process too!

HVAC Power Savings + CO2 Reduction + 02 increment + Sterilization

Power consumption: starts from only 110 wats

Maintenance costs: 0

Dimensions: 70cm x25cm x17cm

Weight: Starts from 8 Kg

Average 25% Power Savings in HVAC electricity bills

Thousands of $ saved in Duct maintenance costs, FTU operation costs

Install indoor Air Quality monitors to verify the highest Air Quality levels, 24x7

ANOTHER REASON TO REJOICE! BiOxy Plasma prevents biomass formation inside the ducts, and saves them from corrosion. You save the amount regularly spent on cleaning and maintenance of ducts too!

Patented technology. Guaranteed Air Quality benefits.
Save money & keep yourselves safe.

Usage Areas




Commercial / Office Skyscraper


Shopping Malls, Universities, etc