Agriculture and Farming

Team Waterhouse, Ozonepedia

Agriculture and Farming

Ozone has a vast range of utility in farming.
Starting from disinfection to soil remediation, ozone enhances farm produce extraordinarily.

Ozonated water can be sprayed on plants to purify them from harmful substances.

And when Ozonated water is used for irrigation, it does wonders for "Soil Remediation".

Irrigation, gardening, Soil remediation, etc are the proven applications of Ozone in agriculture, apart from grain fumigation, which can be found in another page in our website. Direct benefits in irrigation with Ozonated water is faster and steadier growth, more aliveness, more productivity - because the ozone present in the water is able to decontaminate soils overloaded with chemical residues from the use of fertilizers and phytosanitary products. Ozone does not create any toxic residue too. The ozone present in the water acts at the level of the rhizosphere, restoring the natural physicochemical characteristics of the soil, creating more spongy and oxygenated soils, leading to a better absorption of nutrients by the plant roots.