Dialysis Water Treatment

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Dialysis Water Treatment

Dialysis treatment heavily depends on the quality of water used in the process.
If there's contamination, its fatal for the patient.

Team Waterhouse manufactures both the RO Plant for the water to be used for dialysis, and the Ozonation system for disinfection.
If the Ozonation is used at the raw stage, the benefits are as follows :

  1. Life of RO membranes is increased
  2. The frequency of change of membranes can be decreased
  3. Membrane re-generation can be grossly reduced
  4. No requirement for chlorination or de-chlorination, as no chemicals are required anymore, thereby leaving no toxic by-products
  5. Iron, Manganese, etc removal from water, thereby further reducing the load for the membranes
  6. No more anti-scalants required for membrane maintenance
  7. Maintain high flow of RO output, and low rejections

It is important to note that since the half-life of Ozone in water under standard temperature and pressure is only around 28 minutes, when Ozonated water is used for dialysis process after storing the water for the same time period, there is no residual ozone in the dialysis water at all.
Hence the water can be used in the same existing procedure while enhancing the quality of dialysis water and dialysis treatment success by multiple folds.

For project implementations, provide us the test report of the raw water, and the flow-rate of water of the plant.

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